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Japan, China, Laos 2014

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bullet trains

The best thing about them is they look really cool


And they go REALLY fast

I went on a shinkansen six times, a normal train 10 times and a teeny local train five times.

The bullet train was great for getting to places quickly. But… they’re not very big.  Not sure if it’s possible to tell from pictures, but they are q low to the ground. Also the windows are on the small side. So the view is not great,  especially when the train is travelling at just below the speed of light.

I hate to say it, but I prefer the French TGV 



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it’s a start

Some random walking around a small town, and I came across some older citizens playing a game a bit like croquet.  Maybe it was croquet, I dont know the rules, but they called it kaitobo, or something like that. Can any japan experts help?

Istopped to watch their game, and afterwards they posed for the team photo




They were total stars, and the game was pretty full on. They didn’t pull any punches. And ones of the ladies gave me some sweets. Is it ok to take sweets from strangers in these circumstances?