Jules on Tour

Japan, China, Laos 2014

in Chengdu

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Sichuanese people have a reputation in the rest of China for being lazy. It’s true that while elsewhere everyone is rushing about all the time,  in Chengdu they like to sit around shooting the breeze in tea houses in the park


I liked doing that too. The tea comes Iin the form of a cup containing leaves, plus a large thermos for refills. All the tea houses were closed during the Cultural Revolution,  being considered by Mao’s supporters as bourgeois and anti-revolutionary. Happily they came back in the 80s.

II’m not sure what happened to the other park activities but since pretty much anything that might fall in the category of fun was outlawed, there probably weren’t any people dancing


Or drawing with water


Even grass and flowers were considered too much and were torn up, and lots

 of historic buildings went too. That last part has continued,  in a different way. A local guide told me that until about 2000 he took people on walking tours around the city’s traditional streets. Now they are all gone, replaced by tower blocks and offices. 

It’s still a lovely place, though. Also going on in the parks was badminton, Chinese opera singing, group singing, storytelling,  karaoke and people spinning large metal tops by cracking a whip around them.

Activity everywhere and a total cacophony of competing music systems. Apart from the tea house aficionados, seems like even when they’re being lazy the Sichuanese are busy


One thought on “in Chengdu

  1. Ah the Sichuan teahouse – a quintessential part of the experience along with Sichuan chilli 🙂

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