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Japan, China, Laos 2014

now in okinawa


It was freezing in tokyo so I decided to head south, and got a flight down to the island of okinawa, which is actually closer to shanghai and korea than mainland japan.
The island is about 70km long, sub tropical and seems kinda polynesian. I met up with a friend of my lovely colleague Valerie Jamieson, and he has proved to be equally lovely and very hospitable. He said I could stay at his place, and when I discovered how close to the sea his place is, it was hard to refuse. Photos, well, I have tried and so far failed, but in words, we are about 20 metres from the lagoon of a coral reef, which my bedroom window looks out on. Spent the day walking along gorgeous coral beaches and bits of forest in between that are thick with tropical plants end butterflies. People are if anything even more friendly than in tokyo and have been practising some very limited Japanese on them. Its warm enough for shirt and sandals, and I am hoping to do a bit of snorkeling in the next few days. I have to mention the food of course, which is out of this world. Jet black squid soup doesn’t look or sound nice, but tastes amazing! They also do some crazy things with seaweed.
Neil, my host, is keen on birdwatching, I was delighted to discover, and I had hardly been on the island for ten minutes before we had seen a type of kingfisher and an exciting looking thing called a Chinese bulbul. Wooo….
There is another side to the place, which is that there are some huge US military bases here. Only evidence of them so far has been an occasional fighter plane overhead.
there was a big earthquake here last week, but seemingly no damage done. Am annoyed I missed it! There are signs along the coast warning that if an earthquake happens you should get to higher ground in case of a tsunami.
All the houses have a kind of temporary look to them, essentially because that’s the way it is here. Every few years a massive typhoon will hit, so you have no guarantee that your place will last longer than that


6 thoughts on “now in okinawa

  1. Hi Jules, I love what you’ve written so far, and so glad you’re having a good time. It sounds just wonderful, and the picture of breakfast was priceless. All the snorkelling / eating / bird-watching sounds exhausting though – please try not to overdo it.

  2. It all sounds such fun. Life in London is very dull by comparison. On the plus side we had summer yesterday, managed to sunburn running in a race. Looking forward to the next posts, Vx

  3. Still awaiting some genuine pretentiousness

  4. Ha! I’ll see what I can do. I must be doin ok in the self-involved category, no? 🙂

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